Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Prophecies For Kenya For 2012 & Beyond

A New Prophetic-Visitation Has Occurred! On May 12th & 13th, 2011, In Nairobi, Kenya, The Holy Spirit Spoke Again, Very Lengthy And Detailed New Prophecies For Kenya For 2011 & Beyond!''Through His Prophets, Dr Thomas Manton IV. God Said, First And Foremost, That He is Now Releasing His Spirit Of Wisdom Upon Those That He is Calling To Be His New- Leaders & New Remnant! We Also Know, After Hearing God's Voice Repeatedly, That He is Also 'Firing' Several Of The Wicked-Compromisers That Have Caused So Many To Suffer! A Fresh-Anointing is Coming Upon His Own Elect Now, To Help The Nation Of Kenya Walk Into Its Blessed- Destiny! Enjoy These New Prophetic- Messages From Heaven On These Anointed New CD Albums; And Get The Books! Fierce- Innovation is Coming In Kenya Now; And YOU Need The Information God Has Just Released Here In These Sacred-Volumes Through His Prophet! * Tell All Of Your Friends And Colleagues To Get These New Prophetic- Messages Now!


  1. How do I get the message on the prophesy for Kenya 2012 and beyond?

  2. i would want to see what GOD says of kenya